Why Bulgarians Need to Invest In Canadian Real Estate

Thinking of relocating or investing on real estate some place? Between Europe and Canada, where would it be?  London, Ontario, Canada is one of the easiest places to invest in.  Doing a quick search on MLS London Ontario will or by contacting a London Ontario Real Estate Broker can help you find dozens of properties to invest in.

Bulgaria is one of the few countries in Europe where one can live (or buy a property) inexpensively. Also dubbed as Europe’s best kept secret, it has steadily increased in popularity during the recent years because of its beautiful scenery and coastal towns (Black Sea is on the east). It also boasts of rustic villages, unique archaeological finds, monasteries, aromatic oils, agreeable climate all year round, friendly people, easy access to the rest of Europe, and the world’s cheapest beer!

Commodities in Bulgaria are relatively cheap. Naturally, a low cost of living coupled with the place’s unparalleled beautiful scenery would definitely catch anyone’s attention. With that, Bulgaria is now a popular destination among retirees, or even for those looking for a real estate investment. Retirees will find that their pension income will allow them to live off well and comfortably – and they could benefit from a move as they will not be dependent on the local economy to provide them with a living.

But as always is the case, there are always highs and lows associated with starting a new life abroad. Foreigners moving to Bulgaria may find that the country is living up to their expectation; some may only end up being frustrated, especially when it comes to finances.

While it is true that Bulgaria has a lower cost of living (and that in itself a great bonus), it is also because the wage in the country has the lowest compared to other European countries. People who are considering moving in the country must still have sufficient income to be able to live off well. The low cost of living is applicable for people who have higher than the minimum wage. It is also a known fact for many that buying a property in Bulgaria has one of the most complex processes that should not be underestimated.

Another popular destination for expats is Canada, not only because of its amazing natural beauty, culture and people, but mainly because of the financial stability and quality of life it offers. Some expats finds that the cost of living in Canada is lower compared to other countries. There are a lot of opportunities for everyone, and Canadians hold a high level of equality. As some people puts it: In Canada, the poor aren’t as poor; the rich aren’t as rich; and the middle class are just about the same; and everyone has health insurance!

Everything in Canada is relatively more expensive compared to Bulgaria, so why would you move here?

Healthcare – Paid thru government funds, it is best known around the world for its excellence. Each person who is enrolled in the program gets the same level of care.  This means by investing in rental property your tenants are covered for health emergencies.  This adds to the stability of Canada as a place to invest in rental properties.

The Canadian Charter Rights and Freedom – It guarantees certain political rights to its Citizens and civil rights to everyone in the country.

Economy – Canada has one of the strongest economies in the world. Though the government collect income taxes a bit higher, it guarantees a better safety net to support its residents and anyone who wishes to set foot in the country. Income taxes collected are based on your status and terms of employment. Also, a tax refund is awarded to those who are eligible at the end of fiscal year.

Diversity – As Canada always opens its door to newcomers, the country has become a melting pot of different culture, be it Italians, Germans, or Asians among others. Canada is also known as a strong supporter of multiculturalism and equality.

Climate – Some people would describe Canada to have an almost perfect weather: snowy winter, warm summers, spring, and autumn.

Career Opportunities – Canada welcomes foreign talents in its territories. It recognizes that skilled immigrants play a major role in the growth of its economy. In addition, many Canadians are retiring early while some are getting picky about their preferred jobs, leaving a lot of vacant jobs available especially in the hospitality and services sector.

Environment – Canada is well known as one of the largest countries in the world with stunning views and vast land area. Majority of the land area is covered by forests, thus ensuring a cleaner and greener environment. For this reason, it makes it an ideal place to live in away from all the pollution.

People – Canadians are the most polite people in the world. Some people may argue with it, but nonetheless, Canadians are the most welcoming. Take a look at the number of immigrants the country now has.

Moving abroad could be a challenging journey, yet an exciting one. Welcome to Canada, eh!